For our final week, we watched King Hu’s last released film, Painted Skin. While the storyline had elements that I considered to be interesting such as a lost ghost, an all powerful abbot hiding out in the country in secret, and a big bad guy that everyone had to team up to defeat, the overall delivery of these elements felt like it was lacking something that his other films had. The storyline was sometimes hard to follow, such as where the characters were heading exactly although they were constantly travelling, or what happened to characters such as the scholar’s wife appearing to have died, but in reality was just rendered unconscious given she was alive at the end. I feel like he had a good selection of interesting characters to go with but focused more on action.

The fighting scenes didn’t have as much impact as his other films though. Instead of the characters interacting directly with each other, they were often shown making gestures into empty space and then it cut to an explosion. I guess this was due to the heavy implication that magic was used, but the overuse of it made the effects feel cheap after.

I did however, like the end as it was one of his more straightforward endings and cleared up any loose ends the story had.