In this week’s class we watched King Hu’s Fate of Lee Khan. While it was obvious from the minimalist use of the sets that his budget was a lot more limited due to him now being independent, King Hu made good use of the space available to him.

A majority of the film was shot within the inn that the four heroines worked at, which might seem similar to Dragon Inn, but I felt that it had a more claustrophobic feeling to it since the inn in Fate of Lee Khan didn’t make use of natural lighting as it had in Dragon Inn. However, in contrast to the very drab setting, the characters had a lot more colorful wardrobes and utilized the space more. The characters would often move around the tables and seats, making the space bigger and open or crowded and bustling depending on what the mood of the scene called for.

As for the characters themselves, I felt they were as lively as their attire. Since their names were not mentioned aside from Black Peony, the way that the four heroines were given individual colored uniforms made them easier to identify (and also reminded me of Power Rangers in a way.) I appreciated how the man posing as the servant felt like a callback to Drunken Cat in Come Drink With Me as he had a similiar silly introduction, but was a very skilled martial arts master.


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