(The image is a shot from the opening, showing a couple victims trapped in the web)

This week we watched the finale to A Touch of Zen. While in class we went over briefly the symbolism of the spider’s web that reoccurs throughout the film and how it mainly represents how Yang and Ku lure the East Company men into their trap at the fort, I thought the spider’s web visually reflected multiple other scenes.


In the opening scene, we see the web reflected against the moonlight. I feel like this was a good metaphor to how Ku was inadvertently caught up in Yang’s situation. Had he chosen not to investigate further into Ouyang Ning or Yang, he would not have walked into this East Company plot and completely avoid the entire ordeal, like a fly narrowly missing the web.


When the spider’s web shows up again, it is right before the Easy Company enters the fort’s ghost trap, which I think was the perfect symbolism for that scene.


Lastly, while not an actual spider’s web, when Commander Xu was caught by the monks, the pattern of the rope that held him struck me as similar to being caught in a spider’s web. Although it would have appeared that Commander Xu was the spider who was hunting Yang and the general, Commander Xu was the one caught and unable to escape the Abbot’s punishment.


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